July 15-17, 2016

at Camp Tadmor

Women's Camp is an event designed to bring women together from our community of churches for a time of a REST:
    Refreshed from normal routines and responsibilities
    Encouraged to look beyond ourselves, to build community and redemptive relationships
    Stimulated to see God's perspective in our lives
    Transformed and redirected toward God

Mission Focus

Mission is an important aspect of being a part of community. Two ways to promote missions will be to collect an offering & offer a missions workshop. This interactive workshop is designed to help you grow your passion for missions by building healthy relationships that result in joining God's mission. Women's Camp doesn't end after this weekend. . .it continues with your mission in the community. Featured missions include: CBNW, Camp Tadmor, Embrace Oregon, and Bethel Bible Institute.

This year, the ladies at Women's Camp had the opportunity to learn about and support three missional endeavors that are active in the CB Northwest community and beyond. Watch these videos to learn more about the ways God is working through these people, these missions.

Bethel Bible College educates and builds up leaders among our brothers and sisters in Cote d'Ivoire. This video surges with the energy and growth Bethel Bible College has seen, as well as highlighting their current desires and needs.

Embrace Oregon is a beautiful organization that acts as a bridge to make smoother transitions for foster kids and foster families. Volunteers work closely with local DHS workers to meet specific needs within their community.

In this video, Stephanie Winningham shares God's call on her heart to serve teen moms in her community. She took the opportunity to care for the babies of teen moms so the moms could focus on going to school and studying. Her desire is to meet this need in her community and to share God's love to these girls and their babies.


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