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CB Northwest has a long and consistent history of planting new churches. As we are well underway in this 21st Century, we have committed ourselves to seeking the most organic method of church planting possible.

Our commitment as a covenant community of churches is to value a Trinitarian God and Gospel power in and through our culture. This is accomplished when our churches see the privilege and responsibility for spiritual reproduction. The very God we seek to proclaim requires us to be committed to multiplication.

As a covenant community, our church planting effort will be rooted in the fruitful ground of our existing churches. As an office and community of specialists, we will support our churches in their efforts to reproduce by like kind. This significant paradigm shift places the necessary emphasis on our covenant community of churches and away from para-church planting efforts.

The CB Northwest office stands ready to help with assessment, equipping, training and coaching of churches and church planters, as well as providing significant financial support.

Our commitment is neither to ignore our history or idolize the past, but rather to extend our heritage as a redeemed and reconciled people. We are committed to extending that heritage through the planting of new churches.

For more information contact James Gleason, Associate Executive Director at 503-577-9553 or [email protected].

Church Plant Map for the Past 5 Years


Church Growth

Church Growth Chart

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are a part of the universal church and we take great solace in His promise to build His church. Although the CB Northwest covenant community is no more than a sliver of churches in the Northwest, they are the ones that we have been given the closest connection and relationship to. This graph depicts the total number of churches that are officially affiliated in the covenant community of churches we call CB Northwest.

As we praise Him for His faithful work our transformed hearts long for more churches and more gospel saturation in the Northwest. Let us keep pressing on until the day of our Lord's return.

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