CB Northwest Placement Policy

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Placement Forms

We recognize that many people have put together their own résumés for churches to use, but the information we request is what search committees have asked for, so we ask that you complete our Pastoral Placement Form also. This will provide search committees with the same categories of information on each candidate.

This placement form, when completed, will provide a listing of churches you have served, your education, your ministry style, your basic philosophy of ministry, and a list of references that can be contacted when cleared with you. (It is important that you mark "yes" or "no" on the reference form so that the names are not released without your permission.)

Please check your spelling and grammar. Be realistic in your responses. We suggest you have someone proofread your form. Remember that this will be the first impression you make on a search committee.

Our Pastoral Placement Form is to be filled out online through our website. The form is broken into multiple sections. The longer sections can be saved and completed later.

In addition to the placement form we are also asking you to include the following:

  • A one-page description of your conversion experience
  • A cover letter written to a Search Committee receiving your placement form

Please upload your cover letter, conversion experience, and résumé (if desired) through the website.

The second page of the Placement Form refers to the CB Northwest Identity Document. That document can be downloaded here.

Please do not send us sermon tapes. These will not be forwarded to the church or kept on file. We do not accept incomplete forms.


There is an annual placement fee of $50. This cost helps cover phone calls, correspondence, etc. on your behalf. The placement fee is payable online through PayPal. Placement forms will not be processed without the placement fee.

How the "System" works

Once you have finished your placement form and the placement fee has been processed, your form will be read and summarized. The summary and a good portion of your placement form are entered into a database. When a church seeking a pastor sends us a profile of the man they are seeking, we create a query using their criteria and the computer gives us the names of the men who most closely fit. It's not exactly e-harmony.com, but it helps significantly. Whenever your résumé is sent to a church, you will receive an email notifying you of that.

When openings are posted, churches are usually inundated with résumés - many of which are from people not really compatible with their needs. So we do not post openings, but focus our efforts on trying to match what they are looking for with the candidates available to us.

However, the seminaries and bible colleges often post openings (Western Seminary is one such school that does so). If a person contacts us saying "I see that XYZ Church is seeking a senior pastor, would you send my information to them?" the answer is always, "Yes." Nevertheless, most of the résumés that go out from CB Northwest do so as a result of the matching efforts.


When CB Northwest sends your placement form to a Search Committee, you will be notified (by email) so you can begin to pray about the possible opportunity. We urge the local church to inform you when you are no longer under consideration.

If there are unusual circumstances that could surface in a read-through of your placement form, be sure to inform the CB Northwest office of this fact. If you have been in the ministry, stepped out for any reason at all, and now are coming back to apply for placement, please give a brief but detailed explanation for the period of inactivity.

If you or your wife have been divorced and remarried, we need to know the details concerning this issue and be given permission to share it with any Search Committee. Some of our churches are willing to consider such candidates while others are not. We need to keep the Search Committee accurately informed.

If you are out-of-state, be aware that moving costs can sometimes be a strong factor for churches, as well as the cost of travel to candidate, etc. However, that will not keep us from presenting your placement form to churches where it seems appropriate. God, after all, is in charge of placement, and we are all open to His will, regardless of distance.

All materials submitted become the property of CB Northwest and will not be returned. You will be responsible for making additions or corrections to your placement form as needed by updating your form online. These corrections may include changes in address, email, phone number, or ministry assignment.

Please let the CB Northwest office know when you have been placed so we can remove your name from our file.

If you have other questions about placement please contact Dave Cetti at 503-405-1592, or email davidc@cbnw.org.


Placement Policy

CB Northwest Identity Document

Placement Form

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