We exist to serve pastors, church leaders and congregations in the area of prayer and spiritual development through:

  1. Pastors' Prayer Summits
  2. Facilitation of Leadership Prayer Retreats for local churches
  3. Facilitation of Church Prayer Weekends for local churches
  4. Identification of prayer resources
  5. Making available a Prayer Room at the CB Northwest office and online
  6. Providing a weekly prayer focus online
  7. Speaking on Prayer and other issues of spiritual development
  8. Training for local church prayer leaders, and prayer teams
  9. Training for those ministering to people who respond to an invitation at the end of a message/service
  10. Specialized assistance in preparing for and conducting evangelistic outreaches
  11. Mobilizing seniors to pray

We trust that through your participation in prayer your church will experience a greater intimacy with God. If we can serve you in any way, please no not hesitate to contact us.

Dave Cetti
Director of Church Now

These resources are offered with the intention of strengthening your practice of prayer. We want to encourage you in every way possible to have a lifestyle of increasing intimacy with God through prayer. These materials are provided for your own personal use, the use of your leaders, and for the encouragement of prayer among the members of your congregation. If there are resources that you have found useful, please let us know.

We don't want you to build a library of prayer, but a life of prayer. Therefore the materials offered here are meant to be acted upon as the Lord leads you. Beware of the trap of building a file of prayer resources without building a practice of prayer.

Our goal is God Himself, that we might become a Great Commandment people fulfilling the Great Commission.

The One-Year Book of Bible Prayers

Designed to help people pray, each day's entry contains an inspiring prayer taken from Scripture, a brief meditation on the prayera and a one−line "prayer starter" to begin your own conversation with God!

Retail: $14.99
CBNW Price: $6.00

My House Shall Be A House of Prayer

An expanded version of the most popular issue of Pray! Magazine from the past three years, My House Shall Be a House of Prayer offers practical helps and suggestions to pastors, prayer leaders, and intercessors who want to see their churches devoted to prayer.

Retail: $6.00
CBNW Price: $3.60

Praying from God's Heart

Designed to show you how to pray scripturally and deeply, with a God-focused heart. Intended specifically for small−group studies in the home or at church, this workbook will guide you into a deeper understanding of God as you learn to focus on his attributes rather than your own desires.

Retail: $7.00
CBNW Price: $4.00