Financial Summary

We strongly encourage the local church to commit a sizable financial support for each apprentice participating in Convergence from their church. However, apprentices are also encouraged to make financial contribution towards their training.


The tuition for Convergence varies according to the payment option selected. The payment option must be selected before attending the first intensive.

All Prices are Per Apprentice

Tuition Options 1 Apprentice per Church 2 Apprentices per Church 3+ Apprentices per Church
Single Annual Payment $2750 per year $2475 per year $2337.50 per year
Per Month Payments $250 per month
(for a $3000 annual total)
$225 per month
(for a $2700 annual total)
$212.50 per month
(for a $2550 annual total)

Other Expenses

There are other expenses for which the apprentice and / or their local church are responsible. These include:

  • Travel to and from the intensives
  • Meals at the intensives. There is a $100.00 dollar fee for meals per intensive (This includes 3 breakfasts, 2 Lunches and 2 Dinners).
  • Lodging at the intensives
  • Books


Tuition and expenses will be billed to the church and / or the apprentice by Convergence (CBNW).