Graduation Requirements

There are specific requirements that an apprentice must complete in order to "graduate" from the Convergence program at the end of three years.

These requirements include the following:

  1. Maintain active involvement in ministry within a local church throughout the three years of Convergence. Roles and responsibilities may change but the fact of active involvement cannot.
  2. Maintain active relationship with the mentor throughout the three years of Convergence. It is preferable that the same mentor work with the apprentice throughout the Convergence training. However, if circumstances force a change in mentors, this is allowed.
  3. Attendance and active participation of all Convergence intensives. There are presently 21 intensives planned over the course of three years (seven per year). These intensives are not optional. If circumstances force an apprentice to miss an intensive, then the apprentice is still responsible for the material covered in the intensive. How the apprentice makes up for missed intensives will be determined by the Director of Convergence.
  4. Satisfactory completion of all "assignments" for each intensive. Each intensive will have pre−intensive and post−intensive assignments to be completed by the apprentice.
  5. Satisfactory completion and submission of "Ministry Portfolio". Over the course of the three year Convergence program, each apprentice will develop and put together a "ministry portfolio" that is rooted in his studies and ministry experiences and is tailored to his unique ministry needs and aspirations. This portfolio will contain three sections.
    1. Statement of Faith (Doctrinal Statement). What you believe and the biblical reasons for your belief.
    2. Philosophy of Ministry. A detailed description of the principles and strategies for how you "do" ministry in the local church.
    3. Personal Development Plan. A tested strategy and working plan for proactive growth in areas such as character, physical health, finances, and family relationships.
  6. Ministry Portfolio Presentation and Interview. Each apprentice must turn in his completed Ministry Portfolio to be reviewed by Convergence personnel, their mentor, and the pastor and elders of his local church. The apprentice will then be interviewed about the content, reasoning, and applicableness of his Ministry Portfolio.
  7. Recommendation by the Convergence personnel. The Director of Convergence and the Professors of the intensives must acknowledge that the apprentice has adequately engaged in the Convergence program and has demonstrated growth in knowledge, ministry skill, and character. The Convergence personnel will seek the input from the apprentice's mentor and from the apprentice's pastor and elders of his local church.